Free Style Dance Studio: The style of dance covered in the Freestyle classes is an amalgamation of genres including Disco Dance, Street Dance, Break Dance, Hip Hop and Lyrical Hip Hop. All performed to the music currently in the charts or playing on the music channels today. Think “Music video backing dancer” and this should provide an idea of the type of routines we do

Freestyle dancing is improvisation. It’s when you spontaneously create movement that was not choreographed ahead of time
The “free” nature of freestyle allows the dancer to express their individual style and feeling. You don’t have to be in a circle to be freestyle dancing.

In a way, freestyling should just be called “dancing,” because that’s essentially what it is. Your body’s just reacting to the music and feeling it out.

Freestyle Dance class benefits include:

  • Learn a variety of different dance styles
  • Dance to your favorite artists
  • Learn different moves each lesson
  • Devise your own dances
  • Work in partners and groups
  • Creative tasks
  • Regular performances
  • Learn to how warm up properly
  • Improve stamina and fitness
  • Improve flexibility
  • Improve co-ordination
  • Improve strength
  • Develop technique
  • Performance development
  • Enter 2 IDTA examinations each year
  • Have lots of fun!